You Are What You Eat – Threadless Simpsons Competition

Here is our latest submission to Threadless, this time for the Simpsons competition. We have had two out of the last three designs rejected for various reasons so it was good to have one accepted. This idea was for another sketch I created where a mans face was made from melting ice cream, Oreo eyes and various toppings. So when this brief came along It felt right that I use this idea for the gluttonous Homer Simpson.

This was a pen drawing that was scanned in and converted to vectors. I almost did not create this as I was working late with freelance work, so only started colouring at 10am but ended up beasting it and finishing at 3am. This is the third time I have left it until the night before the deadline. Talk about learning a lesson.

It may be unlike our regular designs but it still maintains something faintly sinister.


You can vote for this design by following this link . But hurry as it has only 4 more days to vote, so ends 13th August

simpsons competition You_Are_What_You_Eat_MFF_2 You_Are_What_You_Eat_MFF_1



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