Whitecross Street Party

Yesterday we decided to drop by the Whitecross Street Party in Old Street which just so happens to be on the same street as the exhibition we are featured in. Boom. If you have still not checked out the Art in Flux exhibition then please do. We have some new lower prices for our prints and they are starting to shift fo sho. So grab them while you can. Prints are between £70-£75. (Premiere Art website prices are in the process of being updated)

The street party itself was good as we had the opportunity to check out some street artists doing that they do best, like totally in front of of us innit. There was this one massive robot made out of wheelie bins that was driven on wheels form behind. When they robot had to turn in the street blaring all sorts of robotic sounds (hilarious) this old lady was having a good rant in the car as she had to wait, for about 5 minutes (last photo). We also checked out the Barbican and a pub called The Jugged Hare. It also helped that it was a stonker of a sunny day with a smattering of cold cider. Vive le summer!

I don’t know that names of the artists (apart from the ones with names of course) so please feel free to leave comments with names of who they are.


  • Thank you for the lovely images 🙂


    After the pic of the glass building, Ronzo.
    Fying eyeball and plaque: Carrie Reichardt.
    After the pics of stalls selling art, the piece with four hats: Dan Hillier.
    Pavement chalk art: Raymond Salvatore Harmon.
    Pink robot: Emergency Exit Arts ‘Bin Bot’.
    Piece after your black and white pic, Conor Harrington.
    Black skull: Robots>>>>.
    After the junction box, the four boards are from:(back)Zina, Perspicere, Leeks and some freestyle by some young people, one named “Dexter”.
    Next is id-iom, then a close up shot of the eye from id-iom.
    In Dufferin Street, top piece: Busk, Bottom piece: Shepherd Fairey (OBEY).
    Image with the ‘beer drinking man’ both boards: Dan Kitchener.
    Just starting his piece: Milo Tchais.
    Next, Will Barras
    Three images down: Dale Grimshaw.
    Louis Michel.
    Joanna Layla.
    Finally, ‘Bin Bot’ again 🙂

  • D2G says:

    Wow I was not expecting such a detailed comment. Thank you for the info, much appreciated

  • “MR FOUR FINGERSWhitecross Street Party” in fact enables myself ponder a tiny bit extra.

    I enjoyed every particular part of it. Regards ,Flossie

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