What Lies Beneath Exhibition Video


We’ve finally got the footage from our first solo exhibition – What Lies Beneath. Big thanks goes to Lee McLaughlin, AKA Dead Cat, who was kind enough to video the whole evening and then cut the video for us.

The song is Riot Rhythm by Sleigh Bells, and we have tried to contact them to ask permission to use it but have yet to hear back. So hopefully they can confirm with us soon.

We had a great night at the exhibition and wish to thank all of those involved!

Venue: Haggerston Espresso Room
Drinks: The Abbey Tavern
Collaborations: In Her Glory & Elizabeth Dunn
Photography: Damian Flack
Video: Lee McLaughlin AKA Deadcat
Music: Julia from Culietta – who makes amazing jewellery but she had the night off and played us some great tunes.
Set up: Jaryd Kroesen
Sales: Sharona Hutton

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