Weird Nature Series – Fast and Loose

Doug recently added me to an email thread where him and other friends share discoveries on the weird and wonderful world of nature. Some of the discoveries are fascinating and I can certainly imagine David Attenborough doing a macabre-like series on some of the strange and evil critters which occupy our lands and waters. Anyways I was joking about how to turn this email thread into something more and Doug decided to start doing fast and loose illustrations on each animal. Yet again, another brilliant idea by me…

The result has been an Instagram hit, well I like them, and we will be sharing these illustrations with you in an ongoing series.


Maned Wolf

This is definitely not the creation one expects when hearing the name ‘Maned Wolf’. This long legged fellow is the tallest of the Canid family (that’s domestic dawgs, wolves, jackals etc) and it is thought the long legs are an evolutionary adaptation to the tall grasses of Southern America. They may look like foxes but are a part of a different genus.


mamed wolf weird nature


The Potoo is weird for the fact that he looks like he has just snorted a massive line of Walters Whites special meth… GODAAAAAAAM THAT MOONS BRIGHT


weird nature 2

Parktown Prawns

Parktown Prawns are not prawns. But they are ugly as sin. These beasties are more like crickets (known as King Cricket), they are omnivorous and particularly hard to kill. They were mentioned on the film District 9. If you try pick them up (for some godforsaken reason) they might spurt out some nice “black fecal liquids”.  They have been known to carry children away.

Cymothoa Exigua

This parasitic crustacean basically eats your tongue and then replaces it, living off bits of food and blood. It’s called a Cymothoa Exigua or Tongue Eating Louse. Oh God it’s fucking creepy.
tongue eating louse

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