I was srecently working on a new FaceSkull portrait and after 5hrs, yes I’m slow trying to get it to look like the person, anyway, when I scanned in the image I realised that it looked nothing like the person! Shit biscuit.

So not wanting to waste some good hair and decided to create something new. So here is Visions, dark visions of the past, present and future. We decided to add to DBH, as it’s better than the design just sitting on my mac doing jackshit.

Folow this link to vote on DBH.


  • Tarryn says:

    I think it’s rad. I want that T-shirt!

  • D2G says:

    Will be cool if it gets printed. But if it doesnt, I found a website that does well priced direct to garment printing and could defo sort one out for ya.

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