Under The Skin

Under_The_Skin_Flat Portrait_Under_The_Skin_9 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_8 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_7 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_6 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_5 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_4 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_3 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_2 Portrait_Under_The_Skin_1

When I first heard about the film plot for  ‘Under the Skin’ from a few friends I was initially dubious as to how good it could be. But my friends seemed impressed (Nude Scarlett aside) and only talked about how weird it was.

So I decided to watch it and man was it a good film. Good because it is so different from many other ‘alien’ films and the fact that so much of the acting is ‘real life ‘and improv. The films score by Mica Levi is simply amazing and sets the eerie tone for the whole film.

One of these eerie tracks can be listened to below

It inspired me to create this illustration of the alien being ‘Under the Skin’ lead role played by Scarlett Johanssen.  This portrait, of sorts, was created with pen and indian ink. Below is the process and final piece.


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