The Wayward Bullet

Bloody_hands_Painting_1 Bloody_hands_Painting_2 Bloody_hands_Painting_3 Bloody_hands_Painting_4 Bloody_hands_Painting_5 Bloody_hands_Painting_6 Bloody_hands_Painting_7Yeah I fucking love this name, The Wayward Bullet. The hands are meant to be seen as first person POV. As if a wayward bullet struck you. Like some Freak on Leash shit. For the next version we will have the hands in more of a palm up position.

This piece was drawn/painted on double plated glass (jar that be heavy). This was rescued from a rubbish pile and thus became a part of our Left and Found art series.

Being forgetful bastards we completely forgot to sign this piece before surrendering it to the streets. It was left at Whitecross street party to be precise.


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