Tesselated Triangles and Skull Illustration

Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_1_Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_2_Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_3_Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_4_Skull_Ilustration Skull_Inside_6_skull illustration Skull_Inside_7 Skull_Inside_8_skull illustration Skull_Inside_9 Skull_Inside_10 skull illustration

Above are the process sketches for a recent skull illustration of ours. The images show the drawing stages from initial concept doodle in my Moleskine sketchbook all the way to the  final drawing.

This design will be making an appearance again soon on a new MFF product. But what shall it be, print? Or t-shirt? Hmm, time will tell (decided during the course of a whisky debate)

This skull illustration, featuring tesselated triangles was hand drawn with fineliner pens.

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