TESSA Artwork

Tessa is the latest piece of original artwork we’ve made available to purchase through our online shop. The piece has been completed with pencil, watercolour and acrylic – watered down acrylic and mixed with watercolours – and is 40×50 but framed it’s 50×70 with window mounting.

This is the second installment in one of our original art series’. Mind Hive, the first,  was slightly smaller and had proper honey coming out of the eyes. TESSA  comes with a window mounted and framed, 50×70, for those in the UK. There will be a courier fee as we would want the artwork to arrive safely but It’s an absolute bargain at £280 (I can say that because I’m not the artist!).

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Tessa_artwork framed

Tessa_artwork Tessa_4_LR

I say it’s a steal because we are still young and building a name for ourselves and feel that people push up prices unrealistically sometimes after the piece becomes associated with art.

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