Small MFF Exhibition at The Abbey Tavern

So we just spent the morning curating our small exhibition at The Abbey Tavern where we are showing our designs. These designs are a mixture of originals and prints, many of which were featured at our previous exhibition What Lies Beneath“, so if you missed out then here is your second chance.

In my usual fashion I arrived 30 minutes before schedule which afforded me the luxury of getting eyeballed by almost everyone who passed as I looked like some dodgy fella with an assortment of wrapped up stolen art.

If you live in London, especially around Camden and Kentish town then be sure to go down and buy some shit or just have a look and get loose on beer.

More kinda official details to follow.


mff exhibition MFF_Abbey_2013_4 MFF_Abbey_2013_5 MFF_Abbey_2013_2 MFF_Abbey_2013_3MFF_Abbey_2013_8

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