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Teeth and Silhouettes


Storm_MFF_2 teeth

Just messing about with the idea of a silhouette, teeth and messy markers and blackness. Yeah, I use black silhouettes often, err, and teeth , but I wanted to try something is bit looser.

This was created with pen, indian ink, markers and spray paint. It only measures 30cmx40cm. I have ideas for future spray paint murals that have this style and idea in mind. I called it storm but maybe ‘In Mind’ is better. Hmmm.

Great word as well, ‘silhouette’.


Skull Portraits

All of these skull portrait illustrations are created with dip pen, ink, watercolour and markers. The last two look a little weird as they dark brown stuff is actually gold fleck paint so really pings off the actual artwork.

skull portraits

more skull portraitsskull portraits

Washout - Detail


Washout - Detail






Chaos Rules

Chaos Rules

Chaos Rules


Chaos Rules 2

Chaos Rules 2


We want to create some pieces that are ‘simple’ illustrations that feature people and heaps of patterns. We want to create some large scale images that when you look at, it appears to be pattern mayhem and then BOOM, you see a figure or scene.

Above is a small simple A4 sketch. The character is the often seen silhouette man, though he does have a massive head in the sketch.

Can we think of a name for him? Silo? Bit too ‘Heroes’ maybe. ‘Void’ ? Trying to be too cool. Give us a name people.