Street Art London Volume 1

We’ve always been fascinated with street art in London. Street art and graffiti can sometimes give life to dull and lifeless structures and a variety of industrially created mediums. Street Art London is evidence of the creativity we can see but which if often overlooked in the fast moving pace of living in London.

We’ve created the Street Art London Series so can we share the latest captured street art we’ve seen and give recognititon to beautiful, striking and sometimes thought-provoking art.

The creative pieces can be found anywhere in London and on a variety of mediums such as buildings, gates, doors, the road and derelict structures. If you have any pictures of street art you’ve seen please contact us as a guest blogger to post them here in our series.

This is the first of many volumes in our Street Art London Series. If you see work of an artist you know please comment and we’ll get in touch with you for more info.

Curtain Road, East London

Click on the below image to make it bigger.

Click here for Street Art London Volume 2.

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