The Stool Pigeon

I enjoy music, like most people. Though I’m the kind of guy that can listen to a song for ages without knowing the track name and sometimes and I don’t know the the artist. There ya go. Just setting the scene. Stop scratching your eyes out at my musical ignorance.

Recently I visited the Abbey Tavern in Camden I happened to pick up an issue of the Stool Pigeon (issue 32). It looked cool and it was free. Gotta take free shit. I don’t even read  newspapers and read even less about music.

Bored at home I decided to open the Stool Pigeon randomly and have a wee read. I had a gander on page 12, at an article titled ‘Son of Dave’ ( Don’t we all have a mate named Dave?). One paragraph in and I’m hooked. Holy shit this is great! After that article I start from the very first page and sit reading for almost 2 hours. May not be much for some but for me it’s breaking new ground.

I appreciate when something is clever,  catches you off guard and, of course, makes you laugh your tits off. An example of this is when I read page 27 ‘Ruff Justice’ about Vinnie Vincent and his four dead dogs. Yes, I did happen to read this page first. I then read an article on page 26 ‘ Waterstone The crows, HMV are out the doghouse” where upon reading  it says ” If you read the opposite page first ( then why are you reading the Stool Pigeon backwards)”.  Fucking love that. Wait does that mean I’m an idiot?

Massive high four to the guys at ‘ The Stool Pigeon’!

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