Spray Painting Murals

We eventually got the opportunity to experiment with spray painting murals and man was it fun. A friend of ours gave us the use of a large wood panelled area that is a part of a soon to be pub conservatory (The Windmill in Vauxhall). We decided to use the day by just creating whatever we wanted with the focus on techniques and such. Even though it was only one day of messing about, we certainly gleened a lot of info. We look forward to getting better that’s one thing for sure.

Amongst the spray painting we also added some brush work like on the lips and ear of the robot fella. We used a variety of nozzles/caps from thin to fat, though I want to look into some ultra thin caps to try re-create the loose pen work I love so much. About 90% of the work was just freehand drawing with no reference. The hardest thing to get right is proportion and scale, things up close that may look shit, look better at a distance. It’s all a dirty handed learning curve, summer is going to be full of fumes.

We have a large piece in mind that we have to sketch up and pitch to the pub owner, so if all goes well we will have our first official spray painted mural. Well I’m going to attempt a majority spray paint piece.


Graffiti_Murals_mff_1 Graffiti_Murals_mff_2 Graffiti_Murals_mff_3 Graffiti_Murals_mff_4 Graffiti_Murals_mff_5 Graffiti_Murals_mff_6 Graffiti_Murals_mff_7 Graffiti_Murals_mff_8Graffiti_Murals_mff_9Graffiti_Murals_mff_10Graffiti_Murals_mff_11Graffiti_Murals_mff_12Graffiti_Murals_mff_13Graffiti_Murals_mff_14Graffiti_Murals_mff_15Graffiti_Murals_mff_16Graffiti_Murals_mff_17Graffiti_Murals_mff_18Graffiti_Murals_mff_20Graffiti_Murals_mff_21Graffiti_Murals_mff_22Graffiti_Murals_mff_23Graffiti_Murals_mff_24Graffiti_Murals_mff_25



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