Snatch – ‘Orrible Kant



This was my 4th attempt at drawing this ‘Orrible Kant (yes I know it’s ‘Cunt’) from the superb movie ‘Snatch’. This mean pig owning bastard is none other than Brick Top. A man so sweet, he does not require sugar in his tea.

This time instead of pencilling first I decided to pen straight to paper using my Pocket Brush Pen. I like the way it turned out. There were a few minor tipex amends of course. I may decide to add some digital colour at a later stage.

I’m slowly creating a series of illustrations based on movie scenes that I partcularly like. So far the only other one I have created is called Bloodbath’, a scene from the film ‘Drive’. We sold that piece as an original and no, I surprisingly don’t have any pictures of it. Doh.


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