Skull ‘n’ Dagger Artwork


Skull n Dagger_3



Skull n Dagger_5

We’re taking part in another Mr Gresty Exhibition, Double Vision, and we decided to do something truly unoriginal. A SKULL. ha. The brief for Double Vision was to create imagery for the thirsty and illiterate, so picture a London pub hundreds of years ago, where the patrons couldn’t read at all, only get loose in the candle light. They needed a visual representation of the pubs name so they could tell their mates where to meet them innit.

The artwork, called SKULL ‘N’ DAGGER,  was created with dip pen, indian ink, gold paint, spray paint and gold pen, and will be available for sale at the exhibition. Double Vision kicks off on Friday the 7th of March at the Lauriston pub in Hackney and ends in May sometime. If you are in the area, you might as well pop down and come say hi.

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