Skull Drawings Collaboration with Santaelle

Skull_Teeth_Drawing_6 Skull_Teeth_Drawing_5 Skull_Teeth_Drawing_2 Skull_Teeth_Drawing_1 Dripping_Skull_Drawings_2 Dripping_Skull_Drawings_1_ Dripping_Skull_and_Teeth

It took me long enough but eventually I finished these two skull drawings. These inked bastards are making their way to the Australia for some pattern treatment by Santaelle. This is a random collaboration through a meeting on Instagram.

The teeth drawing is mainly fine nib dip pen and Indian ink and fineliners. I sprayed with matt varnish which was a mistake is it made the blacks very flat, almost dark grey. So I reworked charcoal on top and sealed with hairspray instead.

The dripping skull …shit I think it was either brushpen or brush and Indian Ink and dip pen.

The next step is to see what pattern madness Santaelle can come up with.


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