Sketches from an A4 Ream of paper – 2011

We started some a small cartoon called Ralph and Eric - didnt last long
Slightly sadistic pet company on right
Finchley Roads very on Blade - Retired of course
Craig in Richmond Park - Drawn from photo as most still life sketches
Thinking Cat
Planning sketches for Dan The Man illustration
Upcoming design for print and possibly t-shirt - Just have to work it out!
Kinda like tessellation, but inwards.
Left: Who knows . Right: Craig under Hammersmith bridge
Type ideas - Back to the future reference + various
I always forget the name of this game. The surrealists used to play at parties. Other doodler is Giles from Renderland
I really like hands
Messing with stylised characters and bubblegum jellyfish
Left: Jo Theron, though not meant to be portrait, more the pose. Future illustration. Right: Top Secret project
Top secret project
Right: messing with marker for the aggressive gamer
Right: Some groundwork for Ghost in the Darkness
some planning for a new piece

As well as having filled a few Molekines in 2011 I also had a massive stack of A4 sheets full of planning doodles, ideas and sketches. Here is a small selection of those sketches.


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