Rufus ‘Muthafukkin’ Dayglo

MFF recently purchased a superb print called called Solid Gold Death Mask (plus a bonus print!) from Rufus Daylgo  and were lucky enough to spend some time with him in his studio and yes, it was frikkin awesome. For those of you who don’t know, Rufus is the man behind the recent re-launch of the legendary Tank Girl Series. He had the massive task of filling the boots of Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz) and fill them he did. This is only a speck of the mans talents and be sure to watch for the release for his up and coming series Solid Gold Death Mask which sure to be a corker.

Rufus took some time aside (he is ultra busy) to show us through his personal collection from other artists which was  a real treat and he also took us through his personal work process. I love seeing the behind the scenes sketches.

Rufus’ passion washes over you in increasing waves and his modesty is something which I have not often encountered. I also learnt some cool shit about guys who ski with machine guns.

Massive high five!



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