Rhyming Slang – Exhibition


It’s that time of the year again for another Mr Gresty Exhibition at another East London pub. This time we, together with a number of other artists and illustrators, we are exploring the East London vernacular through our own interpretation of the well-known cockney rhyming slang.
We toyed with a few ideas but in the end, Doug decided on Lemon Squeezer (geezer) as he has a fascination with drawing hands. These are also his hands squeezing real lemons so it’s like hand-ception or something.

lemon squueezer illustration

lemon squueezer illustration detail


A bit about the exhibition and the featured artists:
The dialectal English from the East End of London. The construction involves replacing a common word with a rhyming phrase of two or three words and then, in almost all cases, omitting the secondary rhyming word. A process called hemiteleia, making the origin and meaning of the phrase elusive to listeners not in the know.Art by. Sarah Underwood Illustration / Nathan James Page III / Paul Wright / Claire E Hind / Emma Russell / Livi Whitworth / Philip Morgan / Mr Four Fingers / Tim Easley / Tiff Howick / Miranda Holms / Luke Routledge / Nic Morley / Bethan Hodges / Mr Gresty
Join us on Friday for the opening night of Rhyming Slang

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