Puny Robot – Hulk Illustration

Threadless currently have a competition to create a Hulk illustration for a t-shirt based more on the comics than the movies (no likeness to on-screen characters). We busted our chops two late nights before the deadline to create this bad boy, a change from our usual style but was a nice change.

We created an imagined scene with a battle about to commence. Some epic shit.

Turns out we misinterpreted the brief. It was rejected. There is supposed to be only Hulk and related characters from the Marvel universe. No imagined characters.

Good drawing/photoshop practice for me all the same. Check out the other Threadless designs here.

Puny_Robot_MFF_1 Puny_Robot_MFF_2 hulk illustrationPuny_Robot_MFF_3 Puny_Robot_MFF_5

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