Pics from Mr Gresty’s Whisper Exhibition

Better late than never yeah! ha.

We recently exhibited some art at Mr Gresty’s Whisper Exhibition. The concept was about telling a story through chinesE whispers. Each artist had a specific theme and then had to illustrate their understanding of the message. The exhibition was held in the Hanbury Arms in Islington and were in chronological order (obviously).

Our odd whisper, titled Hard As Nails, was “Remembering the un-gnome-like disguise.” We ended up creating a portrait style illustration of a fucking hard looking gnome. Definitely not the garden variety. He has his favourite beer bottle cap as an eye patch to cover the ghastly wound he received squaring up to the neighbours tabby Ms Fit and he also bears recent wounds from the claw of a marauding crow. The illustration, 50cm x 70cm, was created with fine dip pen, brush and Indian Ink.

The evening was great fun and you can check out Mr Gresty’s other upcoming exhibitions here. Thanks to those of you that came and showed support by getting loose with us on many pints. And of course thanks to Mr Gresty!

Here are some pics from the night.

whisper exhibition

whisper exhibition display



artist flyers

call for artist flyers

cooking up a storm at the hanbury arms

Craig and Doug getting loose

doug is thirsty

upside down lights obviously

hanbury arms outside

hanbury arms

Hard as Nails label


keyboards yeah

mr four fingers and mr gresty

Mr Gresty artwork

Mr Four Fingers playing pinball

pinball mania

pundits checking the artwork out

the art crowd


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