Pen and Ink Illustration – Untitled Ink

MFF_Untitled-1 Pen and Ink IllustrationMFF_Untitled-2 Pen and Ink Illustration

I think I will call this pen and ink illustration (err there is also pencil) ‘Untitled Ink’. So creative. One of the things I seem to struggle with is naming pieces. Sometime it’s hard not to sound pretentious. Then again maybe the ones we have chosen in the past are pretentious and we don’t notice as we like them. Ignorance is bliss after all.

Anyway this is a pen drawing with indian ink textures, pencil and watercolour ink. Pink ink, no surprise there. Think I need to move to another colour for awhile because there is a mass amount of pink running rampant across our blog and Insta account.

The majority is an original creation with the last 5% made up of digital tweaking.

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