Our own Big Robot

A few years ago we got chatting with a friend of ours about designing our own big robot. This collaboration (with Giles of Renderland) was to lead to some animations and comics of epic humour. Maybe one day. We started the process be sketching loads of ideas and gradually choosing what we like about existing robots and how we want ours to be created by a sentient space faring race, rather than assembled by small humans. Meaning it does no thave  loads of little details that give it an appearance of being put together by hand. Ours was to be made by big things with big parts.

If you have a gander at any sketches I have uploaded you will probably see lots of robot sketches dotted about that have lead to where we are now. We wanted our guy  be  gargantuan but we also wanted to veer away from Iron Giant and later Pacific Rim. Though he does look like Iron Giant a little, it’s hard to differentiate when it comes to big , simple, metal robots and even our guy is a bit of an idiot as well. So we tried to make the details different and, well, make ours a little bigger, way bigger.

From numerous sketches and amends, Giles then took those flat profiles and created 3D renders. It is now these renders that I use as reference for drawing though I tend to still keep it a little loose. Below are a few ink drawings and there are many more to follow.

His name is Fobo and he is an observer. His posting is Earth. He is immortal. He has been here a very long time.

Fobo_3 Fobo_2


Fobo_2bbig robot

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