Neurosis – Our 300th Facebook LIKE Free Illustration

We at Mr Four Fingers like to show our appreciation to our Facebook followers by giving a free original illustration to our every 100th LIKE. For our 300th LIKE we gave away this illustration, Neurosis, to Tarryn Hellyar.  This time round things were a little different  as we could not get a hold of the actual 300th LIKE person, so we had a draw where a name was chosen from the list of people who responded to our FB post with the words “Fuck Yeah”. Tarryn was second chosen as yet again we could not get a hold of the winner.

We could not think of a name for this piece so we handed that over to Tarryn to help us out with. Yes Neurosis is  a damn wicked name and we dig it here at Mr Four Fingers. This image was created with fine liners, indian ink , gouache and a triangle of acrylic. It is also inspired by a recent piece for Curious Duke Gallery called Feel Your Way. Diggin the tattooed hand action at the moment!

Thanks for all those that participated and will will be sure to do some more random winner competitions. If you are a MFF follower that is not on our FB newsfeed and be sure to check it out.

Neurosis spider and hand illustrationNeurosis spider and hand illustration


Neurosis spider and hand illustration

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