MFF Invited to Join DBH Collective


We’ve recently been invited to join the Design By Humans collective and sell some of our t-shirt designs through their online shop.

Design By Humans is an online community of designers, illustrators and t-shirt lovers from around the world who gather and submit t-shirt designs which are then voted on by the public. Best t-shirts get printed and the artists get some cold hard cash as a reward and some exposure. It’s a great platform for any artist/illustrator who has a flair for illustration.

We’ve been part of the community now for a couple of years and DBH has recently started inviting artists who have had designs previously selected to be printed to open up a store selling t-shirts through the ‘Design By Humans Collective‘ section on their website. We’ll be sharing our latest t-shirts with you over the coming weeks which are all available to buy through our MFF branded shop.

Both men’s and women’s sizes are available and t-shirts are just $24 a pop, postage charges will be included so you might as well order a couple yeah.


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