Mr Four Fingers Day Out

Monday was a busy day for Mr Four Fingers. We had wrapping, packaging, posting, photographs, drinking, Left and Found, drinking, meeting and more drinking. Oh yes and it was C3G’s birthday. He is 56

We started the day by wrapping and posting our Closer prints to Street Anatomy in a parcel packed tighter than a dolphins asshole. Once we had that sorted we headed to The Abbey to take some photos of our new and existing prints with our new snazzy Cannon EOS 55OD. It’s a learning curve with this bad boy as it has more features than Kit from Knight Rider. The Auto features are great, but it is good to actually know what you are doing to get the best results.

heater - Macro

Yuslik it, blady macro hey.

Banksy - Tox
Nice bump boet

Rule 101 of photography : When looking through camera lens, always be aware of your surroundings. This little unsightly bump on Craigs leg was the result of ignoring the above rule.

Leg meet bicycle stand.

Strike a pose
Luxury resort with a view
Creative poster work
very familiar site in London

Great Pub features the latest in glass textured flooring.

Craig - Now we are at the Edinboro Castle Pub
Not sure what pub this is
Lucy - The Abbey

I have no idea how Craig took this photo, some mad lighting going on! This is MFF back at The Abbey for a meet with Lucy and Si as we are going to help them out with the designing of their events guide. Pretty cool that they asked us, so sure something good will come from it. That is also some shots of Tequila. It’s also Monday night.

Not sure what's happening here.
Me trying to look serious but end up looking constipated.
Nippa - What a frikken great Staffie





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