Moleskine Sketches October 2013

It’s that time again where I share some of my moleskine sketches with you guys, as well as any sketches on bits of paper. Now that I have business cards to illustrate and A5 sketches that we now use as a part of our t-shirt packaging (hell yeah) I’m finding I sketch less. But fear not for the mighty sketch shall prevail!

Sketches_OCT_2013_2 Sketches_OCT_2013_15 Sketches_OCT_2013_3

moleskine Sketches_OCT_2013_14 Sketches_OCT_2013_5 Sketches_OCT_2013_6 moleskine moleskine Sketches_OCT_2013_9 moleskine Sketches_OCT_2013_11 Sketches_OCT_2013_12 Sketches_OCT_2013_1



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