Moleskine Sketches – March 2013

Well I say Moleskine but really this is a cheaper version of a Moleskine that I use for my sketches, purely based on the fact that it will suffice when dosh is toight! I recently bought a Pentel Pocket Brush that have easy to replace ink cartridges. It’s a great pen that can be used for loose sketching or creating details and shadow/form shaping. I have also been watching a few Design Lab videos about creating robotsmechs but I watch it more to see how they approach the loose concept stage and then proceed to develop those ideas. This Pentel Brush is not bad the current paper I have in my sketchbook but it is better suited to smooth paper and is great on that creamy smooth Moleskine paper.


Sketches_March_4a Sketches_March_4b

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