Moleskine Sketches April 2014

I have not been creating Moleskine sketches as much as I would like. I have been using other ‘sketch time’ to draw on our business cards and A5/A6 illustrations that are free with t-shirts. You can see some of those business cards below.


A lot of my moleskine sketches are generally scratchy ideas thay I can decipher. These sketches normally have some sort of descriptive text. Jeff Soto said the same thing about his sketch books,but there are some Moleskines out there that have pages that are small scale works of art, like the sketches of James Jean, the Moleskine champ for instance.


Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_16 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_15 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_13 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_14 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_12 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_11 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_6 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_8 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_9 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_10 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_1 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_2 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_3 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_4 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_5 Sketches_Moleskine_April_2014_7

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