MFF Joins the Maison Twenty Design Collective


Apart from naked girls with free beer throwing themselves at us, one of the best things about doing what we’re doing is that we get too meet like-minded folk who are out there being creative and trying to do something with their lives. It’s inspiring and serves as a reminder to get out there and grab life by the proverbial balls and yank the f*ck out of them.

I digress. Back to business…

Maison Twenty approached us at the first Birthday Party exhibition of the Curious Duke Gallery, and asked us if we wanted to join their up-and-coming design collective. Of course we said yes, I mean why not. The Maison Twenty collective is a fashion label comprising of 20 emerging artists/designers from the UK. Their mission: “To keep showcasing the top twenty emerging artists, designers and creative types based in the UK with an aim to helping them raise their profiles and get noticed by the fashion/media industry/press. The artists will produce a new range every 6 months, some artists may remain, many will change.” Via Maison Twenty’s website.

Maison Twenty has various big-name contacts within world-famous stores such as Harrods, Harvey Nicols and Browns, and every artist gets invited to design a set of t-shirts which then get pitched to the buyers of these high-end stores and, if successful, the artist gets to sell their designs through these huge department stores. Now before you get overly excited, we’ve only just been selected and have got one of our designs printed, below, and ready to pitch to the possible buyers. We’ll update you as and when this happens.

In the mean time you can take a peak of our latest t-shirt, BITTERSWEET, through the Maison Twenty online shop.

Bittersweet Skull T-shirt Design

Bittersweet Skull T-shirt

Bitter Sweet Skull T-shirt detail

Buy the Bittersweet Skull T-shirt from Maison Twenty here.


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