MFF Joins the ‘Big Ass Monster Show’

Big Ass Monster ShowBig Ass Monster ShowSpace_Debate_MFF_3Space_Debate_MFF_4

The superb guys over at Streets of Beige recently invited us to partake in their online exhibition calledBig Ass Monster Show’. As you can tell by the title the idea is to illustrate fooking massive monsters. Ours, called Space Debate, shows two space fellas making a life changing decision by playing some rock, paper, scissors. As you do.

The majority of this monster illustration was created with fineliners, with he last deep shadows and colour added digitally. The digital part does cover a beastly amount of hatching I did but I really wanted to get the idea of depth across. It was quite last minute as I initially read the brief incorrectly and created a regular size monster. But, the guys from Streets of Beige liked it and decided to add it as well. It’s called ‘It’s allin your hea’ and it’s bright pink. Oh and there are a lot of teeth in this piece as well.

Created with ink and digital colour (and tweaks)



Be sure to check out the ‘Big Ass Monster Show’ and all the other great artists we are fortunate enough to be exhibiting with.

Thanks again SOB!

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