MFF day out at Print Club London

Yesterday MFF, spent the day learning more about screen printing with the above average cool guys over at Print Club London. We will move forward with these newly acquired skills to bring more diversity to our prints. This is about as old school as you can get. If you are interested in learning more for yourself and then I highly recommend visiting these guys. High five to Baz for being such a good host and teacher and and big thanks to Lisa, Marko and Giulio. 

Anyway check out the photos from the day below. As you will see, we printed Chaos Rules , which will soon be available in black or ‘oh God my eyes’ fluorescent orange.

Giulio's Hog
Our screens
a reverse air hockey table
Oh how we laughed
Emulsion those screens - No pressure guys
Artworking images
The Gokmen brothers - I could not work out how to add dieresis above the 'o' (had no idea until I googled it)
Screen prints by Dave Shard - Dave was kind enough to gift us with one of these prints. Will post more soon
Baz showing us some designs by Susie Wright and Yann Brien
I will let Baz explain his magic device
The red room
Chaos coming to life
Hardcore screen print discussion
Chaos Rules 'stencil'
Baz setting up screen
"written while drunk"
and so it begins - Smash it Craig!
hit that 60 bra
Registration- This should be before the previous two images however
Craig and Lisa doing a bit of QC
The very first Chaos Rules screen print
Fellow screen printer
"Holy crap" orange
springs innit
Fellow screen printers 2
Time for some crazy orange



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