MFF and 2Stylin – Fast and Loose Ink Portraits

A few months ago we were contacted by friends of ours in far flung South Africa (we are also from SA) telling us about this new concepts of theirs called ‘2Stylin’. They are a business but as they say in their own words they are people just like me and you. What do they do?

2Stylin create opportunities for numerous 2 for 1 deals, a kinda buy half pay nothing later kinda deal. Money can be toight these days so 2 Stylin are looking for ways to help you out with all sorts of deals on 2 for 1 meals, movies, spas… the list is growing. They are a  new ‘business’ and not owned by some big company. They are four mates with one goal. Good shit for all.

In the spirit of cultivating interaction with the community, LLewellan from 2 Stylin asked if we would be interested in creating some portraits of the founders. We were all over that like white on rice and soon had some portraits flying their way. Never had to look through so many pics to create some portraits (Llewllan winks, a lot). 2 Stylin love our Fast and Loose  ink portraits which are hand drawn (gave up on using my feet) with mostly with Indian ink and are a little loose, hence the title. Though earlier portraits were definitely looser.

To create these Fast and Loose ink portraits I generally use dip pen and Indian ink, though sometime I also use extra fine Art Pens or a simple V5 Hi-Tecpoint pen (looking to buy Micron pens soon). After I have created the inks I scan on the images and add more textures and finish with colour. I normally stick to one colour and pretty damn bright one at that.

You can check out 2 Stylin on their sweet looking website and join the movement.

2S_Justine_Fast_and_Loose_MFF_Ink_Portaits 2S_Llew_Fast_and_Loose_MFF_Ink_Portaits 2S_Kris_Fast_and_Loose_MFF_Ink_Portaits 2S_Lucien_Fast_and_Loose_MFF_Ink_Portaits

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