MEGGS – Graffiti Artist

So, there was this exhibition a few months ago in London that I wanted to go see and see it I did. Well the packing up of it. The exhibition featured  artwork created by Meggs , his solo exhibition in London. I didn’t know much about his work at the time and I saw his art on some website in the ocean of the internet. What was great, was that the exhibition was at Red Bull Studios, which is a Herculean stones throw away from my work.

So I turn up with a few of my friends, only to find that there are a couple of blokes packing up all the work. Gutted! I took some time to quiz on one of the guys packing, asking him how the exhibit went.

Later I checked the red Bull website again, yes they had the wrong closing times. Cheers guys!  Soon after I watched an online interview with Meggs. Twenty seconds into interview and I realize that the guy packing the artwork at the exhibition was none other than the man himself.

Meggs Illustration
Meggs Graffiti Wall
Meggs Illustration
Meggs Spray Paint
Meggs Artwork

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