Masquerade of the Dead – Skull Illustration

This is our skull illustration submission for the upcoming Skull Appreciation Day, an exhibition created by Noah from Skull a Day and Vanessa from Street Anatomy. Participating artists were provided with a skull template (last image) and they were then asked to decorate in any way or use the guidelines provided to create their own skull design. Being the cool guys they are the fans were also invited to participate and so here we are.

Our submission is called Masquerade of the Dead, a skull mask for Death’s ball. The design was created with pen which was then finished digitally with textures and colour.

We just about made the deadline, which is today 24th May 2013. Once submitted our skull design will then be sliced in half and paired with another artists skull.

This is the 3rd Annual Skull Appreciation Day, called Face Off and will be curated at the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago from May 31 – August 25 2013.

Follow this link to the Skull a Day website for more info

skull illustration skull illustration skull illustration


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