Macaw Skull Process for the Upcoming ‘ZOO’ Exhibition

macaw skull process


macaw skull process


Macaw_Process shot

Macaw_Process_8 Macaw_Process_9

macaw skull


This massive macaw skull illustration is for an upcoming exhibition curated by Mr Gresty (more details to follow). This will be our third show with Mr Gresty and this time we have two 50×70 pieces. Did I mention it’s less than two weeks and I have hardly finished one. Yes, true to our form, we ride that deadline like  a sheepdog on acid.

Some useful advice for those of you new to drawing: To make sure elements lines up on symmetrical pieces or to check proportions, view the piece in a mirror or take a photo and look at the image an a smaller scale (especially when dealing with larger pieces). I was using my phone more until it decided to stop working. May or may not have anything to do with the beer bath from the previous week.

Follow this link for more info on the exhibit.



*Update. Phone is fixed. You may all rest easy now.

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