Love Thy Black Heart A1 Artwork

Our latest piece, Love Thy Black Heart, is an A1 piece of original artwork which was made from the blood of a thousand dead angels and the tears of ancient and mythical beasts, oh and also the standard stuff like acrylic, black enamel paint and  spray paint. It came out pretty well but those angels put up a pretty good fight.

It was only our second piece created on canvas – we usually prefer using ink on paper but really enjoyed working with a number of materials on the canvas so who know, we might be a doing a few more at some point. Eleni Duke, the owner of the Curious Duke Gallery, was telling us that art buyers seem to prefer canvas to all other mediums. Maybe because canvas has more of an ‘art’ feel to it or people just expect to see art on that particular medium, but whether on canvas, wood, paper or bricks, art is art!

The artwork can be seen at Curious Dukes Latest Exhibition – The Art of Curiosity – on Whitecross Street in London. The exhibition features a number of other amazing artists including; Andrea Tyrimos, Hannah Adamaszek, Agnetha Sjogren, Otto D’Ambra, Roys People and Dannielle Hodson – to name a few. The exhibition is still on so head down there – you won’t be disappointed.


Love_Thy_Black_Heart_a2 artwork



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