London by Foot 2

Here is the second instalment of our photography in London adventure. It felt like an adventure because it was baltic, near zero degrees, and there are not enough public toilets in central London so you are constantly holding in your piss while trying to remain calm and take pretty pictures. Still loved it though, apart from when D2G was pulling me about telling me I had to improve on the angle I was trying to take a picture from. WTF.

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We missed the Chinese New year, The Year of the Dragon, due to heathen-like drinking over that weekend, but we still wanted to take a wonder down this part of town to capture the return of normality for some after the celebrations.




This pic was taken in Covent Garden where spotting a London local is near to impossible. We know better than to risk coming central and fight the hordes.

What’s interesting is that these street performers work hard for their buck and have to fight  tight-fisted tourists to part with their cash.  Even after using the street performers to help make their holiday snaps more interesting, they refuse to tip. Not cool.


Above is a picture of me, doing my best to crack a Gorgio-like pose and failing miserable. & Below is D2G giving me his 2 cents worth, probably about how bad I am at taking photo’s.



Buskers that dress up on South Bank need to re-think their characters. We saw a few dodgy Mickey Mouse’s, plus this sad looking out-of-date Smurf. He could at least pretend like he was having a good time.





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