London by Foot 1

We recently purchased a Canon SLR. It’s great – its got a big lens and everything. D2G and I thought the best way to get to grips with our new camera was to wonder around London aimlessly and take pics of everything and anything really. This is a photo diary of another MFF day out and fuck me was IT cold. Luckily I was smart enough to bring gloves which is more than I can say for D2G…



Black and white buildings. How very creative… ha. Like I said, we are testing out the functionality of our new SLR and are still finding our style. This building on Harley Street stuck out like a genital wart. The washed out colour and the contrasted grey tones make this a great snap (in my opinion).




One of my favourites of the day. This was a burst pipe and surrounded by rubble. Everyone walked past it without a second glance. We stopped to capture it and I’m glad we did.




Damn. Those windows must be very easy to see out of.


Get back to work! SLACKERS! These guys made the perfect Hollywood picture by walking down the tunnel of fire engines. We only saw a little bit of smoke but there were over 20 fire trucks.







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