Left & Found Art – Skulls!

We’ve been at it again, decorating the London streets with stencil art featuring more skulls in our on-going Left and Found Art Series. As you know we like to find materials that have been thrown away which we then use to create pieces of art that we leave out in London for you to find and keep.

For this left and found art project we used floor vinyls, which had already been cut into squares for us. We like to call this upcycling through art, and actually, every time you say this phrase a hipster dies a tragic death involving a fixie and a wind turbine. D2G might argue that I look like a hipster but I don’t think I’m trendy enough to fall into that bracket. Besides, I’m really good at sports. And I’m modest too. BOOM.

Anyways, I digress – back to Left and Found.

We started this Left & Found Art Series back in July, you can see from the pictures that it was one of the seven sunny days during the British summer, and we’ve been slowly leaving about 11 skull stencils all over London since then in a variety of places including Old Street, Angel, Brick Lane, Shoreditch and Hackney Wick. It’s been a slow process but we got there in the end!

We normally like to have a MFF meeting, which involves beer, tequila, an abundance of great ideas, followed by a mini pub crawl where we leave our upcycled art and ending with some food. If you follow our Instagram then you will have seen many of these skulls before but here they are again! (Apologies about some of picture quality – blasted iPhone camera!)

spraypainting skulls for left and found

Left & Found Art - spray painting skulls

flipping the bird

Left & Found Art - skull stencil


skull art - left and found series

Left and Found Art in a pub

blurry skull - left and found art

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