Left & Found 3

Here is the next installment of the Left & Found series, this time we left two of the three pieces near other peoples artwork, for some reason. The Fruity Cutlass image was left facing the other way as it was on the main road and right next to a recent bit of graffiti ( I think it’s recent anyway), so it was a high visible sting attack. Making it sound cooler than it is really. Hell yeah!

Can remember what I called this. Maybe whoever picked it up can tell me.
Detail.... Think it was called Skin Deep ?!
Detail.... Think it was called Skin Deep ?!
Bottom right
Fruity Cutlass
Parasite! Fruity Cutlass in situ
Cant remember the name again, Im useless. This was back painted onto acrylic, when I saw the front, it looked like a face, I then scratched the outline and painted the back with glow in the dark paint. Its totally reminiscent of work of Antony Micallef
Outside The Abbey



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