Left & Found Art – 2

Yes, they are back out on the streets and before this blog has been posted, Kamuzo has aready found ‘Handsome’ and left a message. Great to hear. Below are the latest Left & Found pieces and the last two of the wood floor tiles.

Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words
Left & Found Art - Famous Last Words
Famous Last Words Placement - Inverness Street Camden

Famous Last Words Artwork Placed on Inverness Street, Camden
Status: Unknown


Handsome Artwork Placed on Delancey Street, Camden
Status: Found by Kazumo

Kazumo has already commented on his lucky find. He said: “I “found” today on Delancey Street “handsome”, I loved it and now it is at home with me, I will take good care of it!”

See his comment on Left and Found pt. 1.

Good To hear Kazumo – we are happy a piece of our art has found a new home.


Victory Artwork Placed on Underhill Street, Camden
Status: Unknown

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