Left and Found Art Series Continued

We spent the last few weeks continuing with one of our MFF themes through our Left and Found series. The idea is to leave the art lying around in the hope that it finds a new home, so if you have spotted one of the pieces or taken it home with you please get in touch and tell us about it’s new home! We normally find bits of discarded junk and turn them into a take-home pieces of art but this time we mixed it up with some framed originals, some skulls (of course) and even a luminous Jesus sculpture.

This series of left and found art can be found in Angel, Kentish Town, Hackney and Old Street. Most of the pieces will be gone, but there are a few in odd locations and will only be found by those who have a wandering eye.

*Pictures taken were a mix between a SLR and iPhone, so excuse the quality on the not so sharp ones.


batman and skull

the bat in plain sight

batman frmaed original left and found art

skull sculpture




mff logo

Lumo Jesus

Lumo Jesus in hiding

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