Left and Found Art – Acrylic, charcoal, pencil and a block of wood.

Yes it’s another piece of left and found art, this time getting back to our ‘roots’. By that I mean, when we started leaving ‘art’ and stuff on the streets and dirty alleys of London we created images on substrates that where reclaimed from the streets or rubbish tips. All sorts of things from wood flooring , perspex, metal and yet more wood.

This time our Left and Found art creation is on a thick diamond shaped wood (Parallelogram – cheers Rory), found just outside my door. The design is a mixture of acrylic, charcoal, graphite, tipex and sealed with matte varnish. Whoever found our last few creations (two were framed!) that we left on the streets have not made it known to us, so we have no idea if they even found a home. So we have left a small message on the back this time letting people know to get in touch. Would be cool to know of any pieces have made it to other countries.

left-and-found-1 left and found art left and found artleft and found art left-and-found-5


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