Killer Gnome Goes on Sale

Our bad-to-the-bone Gnome, which was part of the Whispers Exhibition curated by Mr Gresty, is now available in our online shop. This A1 original illustration was an absolute beast to draw, with the beanie alone taking over 9 hours to complete. And for £250 it’s an absolute steal. The original name for the piece was ‘Remembering the ungnome-like disguise,’ which is slightly odd, but it was part of a larger story involving the concept of Chinese whispers.

Some interesting facts about the happy-looking fella – he uses the cap from his favourite beer, Carona,  as an eye patch to cover the ghastly wound he received squaring up to the neighbours tabby Ms Fit and he also bears recent wounds from the claw of a marauding crow. View process shots here.

Price: £250 (Includes frame for UK orders)

Size: 50cm x 70cm (A1)

Process: Fine dip pen, brush and Indian Ink

Framed: UK orders only

Visit our shop now for a closer look.



Visit our shop now for a closer look.


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