Into The Light – Art Piece

Well not long ago I had some weirder than normal thoughts before falling asleep about various things we could create and then I had a thought for one particular art piece. This piece, called Into The Light, is more of a 3D framed art piece that involves broken glass, spray paint , clear resin and bones. I have no idea how this is going to turn out but I’m going to document the process all the same and share with you guys those various stages.

The first stage was purchasing the various materials with the most exciting being the bones. I bought some Barn Owl pellets from Amazon (shipped from France), the pack consisted of 30 pellets. Below is a breakdown of how you go about extracting the bones!

– Freeze pellets for 2 days to kill le germs.

– Soak in warm water. For mine it was about 2-3 minutes even though the instructions say 10-60 minutes. I wanted them just softened up a little. Basically it’s like a small soggy shit. I was soaking 2 at a time.

– Make sure you have some decent tweezers because I mine for about 4 hrs. I also wore gloves and mask, more for the thought of little vom particles floating about. It’s an earthy smell but doesn’t stink.

– Rinse  bones in water and then place in bowl of watered down bleach. I wanted super white bones so I left them in here for ages but it should only be for 10 minutes. The bones are now super brittle which I don’t mind as they will be set in resin anyway.

– I then drained through cloth and rinsed.

– I started separating them into piles of similar bones but then stopped soon after as they are all going in the same resin. That and the fact there are essentially 30 little critters bones including teeth and ribs that are like miniscule toothpicks.

The next step will be adding the glass to frame and spray painting which Im doing on and off while writing this. Update coming soon!

Into_The_Light_Process_1Into_The_Light_Process_2Into_The_Light_Process_3Into_The_Light_Process_4art piece

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