Ink and Charcoal Illustration – Mixing it up

I’m currently messing around with ink and charcoal illustration with smattering of neon pink poster pen. Always tricky working with ink as wet on wet  as I have limited control of where the ink will go and how it will flow, as the paper buckles slightly this has a small but definite affect on where the ink starts to flood. Using ink in this way means that the piece can never be re-created as an original. Wet on wet is very ‘hit or miss’ and it does tend to miss a lot. I create little pools of ink and scan in these textures to add to my ever growing digital library that I use in various digital pieces (as in scanned drawings with colour and texture added digitally) like how a finish off the Fast and Loose portraits.

As usual I love dark drawings with ink and then adding either gold or bright colours as this always feels more natural to me instead of adding colour all over, or at least a range of different colours. This is not always the case when I add colours digitally to various print pieces as I have more control and the ability to apple zed shit. I will be doing more of these ‘experiments’ over the Christmas period


Rain_3_Illustration_MFFink and charcoal illustration

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