Illustrated Business Cards

We don’t always like to make it easy for ourselves and not better do we show this in our latest illustrated business cards. Our latest batch of cards are printed by Moo on their Luxe range which are their thickest and also have a flash of colour wedged between two printed layers. One side for our logo and the second has some tiny details leaving a blank space for some illustrated action. This does mean I have to hand draw 150 cards. Oh shit.

I have drawn about 15 and I gave all 6 of my designs to a bunch of folk at the recent Quarterly launch night (launched by The Creative Book)

Time to get drawing again!




MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_11 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_10 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_8 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_9 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_5 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_7 MFF_Illustrated_Business_Cards_4

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