It’s all in your head – Monster Illustration

monster illustration

We are currently creating a monster illustration for an upcoming online exhibition hosted by The Streets of Beige (more details to follow). In typical MFF fashion I skimmed the brief and burgeoned forth with an idea. I of course misread and skipped the part where it said “Big Monster”.

It was pretty fucking clear.

There is still time though. So we shall be starting that  “Big Monster” idea tomorrow!

So here is the not so massive monster we created that at least serves as drawing practice. Though I did watch horror movies the whole day for inspiration. So mentally scarred (naaaat). That included watching The Human Centipede 2. A movie that is quite possibly the most creepy and ohfuckcringe movie I have seen.

I actually enjoyed it. Well to a degree.

Monster_2_MFF Monster_4_MFF




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